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The documentary questions their controversial money making ploy but Kitty insists that earning this money this way is better for their child, especially after the birth, as they can make money around their child’s sleeping patterns, adding that it’s better than “working nine to five”.

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An insider claimed that Josie started again before Christmas last year, before branding the pregnant model wannabe an “exhibitionist”.“Some men pay her £50-£250 a session, it completely depends on her mood and what they want her to do,” the source told the newspaper.

But Josie, who once boasted about her boob job which she scored from the NHS, is not squandering the cash on more surgery instead it's going towards her children.“The one thing I have to give her credit for is every penny she gets she spends on her children,” the source said, before adding that Josie is determined to provide as much as she can for her children.

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The couple are part of a Channel 4 documentary by BAFTA and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Charlie Russell, who enters the very intimate world of webcams.

Kitty and Moses are from the Midlands and charge 85p per minute for people to watch them have sex - with Moses saying: "It's the best job I've ever had." He explains to Charlie that for them it's a convenient way of making more money and when they need extra luxuries like cash for nappies for their newborn daughter, they can tap into it "like an ATM".

We have reached out to Josie's representative for a comment on this story.

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