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” [in response to Kamran saying many NGOs worked hard at women's rights, which Maya's actions had undone] This is disgusting. This is the kind of despicable nonsense we hear from third rate conspiracy theorists and the scum of society who reframe Mukhtaran Mai’s rape as a case of NGO led over-hype, diverting from the issue at hand – the gang rape of a woman trapped in a patriarchal horror story.

What is doubly disgusting is the hypocrisy Maya shows, having just moments before cried in front of Kamran Shahid and asked if she had never helped anyone, never helped a rape victim.

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Unfortunately, in Express News’ desire to produce “the greatest controversy of 2012” (their words, not mine), we get this: Really Maya? Sure I get that you’re trying to shift the blame onto Samaa and Pakistan media in general for having no code of conduct, but really? Those broadcasting your “mistake” (thank you for at least rhetorically calling it that) in the park again and again are doing so because they want to highlight what they consider unacceptable.

You think you can convince viewers that you had no idea that shooting an episode chasing young people in a park, passing judgment on them, terrifying them, putting their lives in danger by exposing them, unethically (criminally) not turning the camera off when asked to, and by means of the episode, encouraging others to pursue such vigilante actions against park couples requires a code for you to know that it is wrong? Also, -200 for trying to take a real issue of the need for a media code of ethics to try and protect your own wrong doing. You on the other hand broadcast your mistake with the joyful intent of successfully acting as moral police – something you thought, and still think, is the right thing to do. I am quite amazed at your inability to grasp the difference between something being broadcast for condemnation, and something being broadcast as morally correct. We were not making up an issue; it exists…I was accused of invasion of privacy.

“They threw buckets of water on us right here, in several feet of snow that night. The women talk about how they’ve never been well since then, about how no one would want to give their daughters in marriage to these two villages because of the stigma of rape, about how they’d become social outcasts by a community steeped in violence that further deepened gender biases. Their stories, their immaculate memories, the gaps in their stories that were caused by extreme trauma that the Indian government exploited and labeled the incident “Pakistan’s conspiracy against India”, the miniscule details, the irrelevant details – all made me hang my head in shame. RELATED: Kashmiri women are demanding to know the whereabouts of their missing family members Not a word was said in the car during the long winding journey back to Srinagar. The lieutenant general on the line asked me if I was doing a story on the villages. He asked me how old I was and then said I was as old as his daughter.

Intermittently, they would politely ask us to sip our tea and offer us biscuits, between muffled sobs. Indian’s army had raped these women and they were offering us tea and biscuits on that cold, rainy day. I was disturbed and so I didn’t want to file the report right away. Then he denied that mass rapes had occurred, stating it was a conspiracy by Pakistan to defame the Indian army. He insisted that I meet the defence PRO in my city so he could brief me. )” I replied that justice had not been done and the guilty were not booked.

The doctored videos that played a pivotal role in the arrest of the students at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi have finally exposed the corporate-state-media nexus. Criminalisation of dissent has always been an integral part of this democracy, with structural violence at its core.

Over the years, we have witnessed many upright citizens being charged under unconstitutional laws all over the country, not just the disturbed areas.Verdict: If there was even an iota of sympathy left for Maya, it just went out the window.If there was any doubt of her moral standing, it lays exposed with this utterance. “Okay well, for the people who got me till here, those who cared for me and respected me…what happened, whether that was right or wrong, I won’t talk about that, but whomever I have ever effected in a positive way, I apologize to you.I felt my story would be dropped if I waited anymore, so I put the file in the editor’s folder for editing.A few hours and many whispers later, the story was allotted to a sub-editor.The long drive there was distracting – the untouched beauty of the land made it hard to believe that gut-wrenching horrors were carried out there on a mass scale.

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