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Meetup brings people together in-person to do what matters most to them.

The majority of a Meetup group’s events should be in-person and hosted by a local organizer.

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Certain activities, services, and offerings are regulated and require proper licensing or credentials in order to keep people safe.

Meetup is not in a position to verify credentials or the credibility of promises or claims in these areas.

Meetup supports activities that are built on civility, respect, and most of all, mutual consent.

Pick-up artist, seduction techniques, and wingman tactics typically involve interaction with people who are not members of the Meetup group and who did not consent to being a part of these activities.

A consistently updated, interactive map serves to deliver current, state-by-state updates on legal requirements and how rapid!

Dating Services Pick-up Artists and Seduction Guides Singles Credentialed Services Online Meetups Meetup is committed to bringing people together to do what matters most to them.

Meetup is a place for safe and trustworthy community building.

Groups that promise to cure, alleviate, or reduce physical health, mental health, financial, or legal grievances are prohibited.

If this is the case, the organizer will generally be notified at least 7 days before their group is closed.

At the time of closure, organizers will be refunded if they do not organize other Meetups.

Meetup groups that offer specific advice or services in areas that require a licensed professional, such as medicine, psychology or mental health, law, or finance cannot be hosted on Meetup.

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