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A man, who once operated a Yahoo Groups site where members traded child pornography, is also involved in the suit.

What used to be innocent questions like “What are you wearing?

Chat days are now commerce-driven information processing queries, with Facebook knowing not only what you are wearing now but also what you will wear tomorrow, and here is an advertisement for you from one of our partners to stock up your wardrobe, and even after you leave Facebook, they pursue you in your other tabs, like a won’t-take-no-for-an-answer pimp.

Some would point out whether we Indians are acting holier-than-thou expecting the Pakistanis to embrace us while we do not.

To these “some” I can say that if ten terrorists sailed from India and spread mayhem in Pakistan, I, at the very least, wouldnt be trying to pass them of as Pakistani terrorists.

A degree holder in electronics from Pakistan, he is also an expert in world history and economics (as his wiki page says) which puts him one notch below Leonardo De Fidayeen, the legendary Renaissance man from North West Frontier Province who drew up detailed blueprints for the first suicide bomb.

And if you thought this man was all brain and no brawn, think again.But with the speed of dial-ups being as they were and that blood was cheaper than megabytes of bandwidth and most importantly women never did cam-chat unless she was speaking to a man with whom she already had two children, the chance of visual affirmation was about as much as that of Venkatapathy Raju winning a Mr.As chat rooms became voice-enabled, communities started to build around Chat rooms, with people fighting for the mic, some singing, some emitting sounds of doubtful provenance, and some shouting random abuse in colorful language for no good reason.Several fairly popular Pakistani blogs (again link intentionally not provided) are very sympathetic to his ideas about the evil and stupid nation of India.However some have expressed doubts on some of his other associations.Even if I am not found jumping up and down saying “We are to blame for all evils in the world”, I would at least maintain an ashamed silence for at least a few days.

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