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And a girl with her hands on her hips, nagging "Why won't you have sex with me? What's Behind It: This is more common than you'd think – and while it can mean he's tired of you, it more likely is a sign that likes you more than he wants to admit. Salvage it: Don't even play into his irritation.

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Online dating getting dumped

You’ve heard the old adage, “You don’t just marry the person. When we’re doing the calculus of who would be a good long-term partner, inevitably the person’s family plays some part in the equation.

It may sound harsh, but if your family is intrusive, domineering, belittling or just plain crazy, your partner may just decide he/she can’t handle it.

This is often true, and when it is revealed that someone has serious emotional issues (like anger, control, jealousy, or an instability of some kind), many will opt out of that situation. They may date without regard to religion, but then one day, they realize that it is very important to their future.

It’s their prerogative to choose this path, even if it seems selfish. Otherwise, check your paranoia, and put a little trust in your partner. This may not happen until they begin to think of having children.

You meet someone, there’s chemistry, and then it fizzles.

The bottom line -- it wasn’t real love in the first place.

Salvage it: Give it a few weeks, to be sure there isn't some temporary trouble that has nothing to do with you. What's Behind It: Making plans equals planning for the future. But if he's worth keeping, he'll get the hint. Scrap it: Then again, if he's not worth keeping—this tactic will prove it, and you can move on without guilt. Wrong Tactic: Trying to make rules and insisting that he come to Saturday game-night or suffer an hour-long tirade. Yes, sometimes "space" is a euphemism for "buh-bye." But sometimes, it really does mean that he'd like to re-adjust the relationship so that a little absence can make his heart grow fonder. Scrap it: If you suspect he's more of an astronaut than you can stand, trump his space request by saying you should see other people. Wrong Tactic: Saying "No, you can't have space." That is guaranteed to backfire: instead of taking a little space now, he'll take all the space he needs—by leaving the relationship.

Then invite him over, and greet him at the door in a French maid outfit. Scrap it: If weeks become months and the spark seems to have truly faded, the "we'd-be-better-friends-than-lovers" speech might actually work here—and might even, for once, be true. Men are fragile creatures, and a direct assault will surely scare the groundhog right back into his den. As Sting nearly sang it, "Every little thing you do is un-magic." The Symptoms: The very things about you that he used to find cute, he now finds irritating—and seems to be picking petty fights over everything you do.

What's Behind It: There could be several reasons for the doin'-it decline: a health problem, maybe work woes. Your guy might resist the nonrefundable package deal to New Orleans. Give him one chance to get onboard, and then make alternate plans—ones he can't join in on. The Symptoms: As symptoms go, this is a pretty obvious one—he actually communicates a desire to not be around you as much.

Or there could be a real issue at hand: he's tired of the same-old same-old, and his libido has taken a snooze. The Symptoms: God forbid you buy tickets to anything—you eat your heart out while he decides if he'll be able to make it, even with a healthy three-week lead time. Yes, it stinks—you have no boyfriend for, like, three weeks. What's Behind It: This is often a panic-inducing situation, but it doesn't have to be. Allowing him as much space as you can stand, while still making your presence known (with sporadic check-in e-mails, a card in the mail, a song dedicated on the radio), can make you absolutely adorable to him.

Oh poor you x if you got dumped as usual and it was your fault why not have a good think about why and see if you can pick up the pieces, if not then put it down to experience and try not to duplicate them also better to start a fresh and not try find the same in the next guy.

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