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Google says it'll be available later this summer — for free — on both i OS and Android.

Allo (pronounced like "Aloe" and not like "'allo, guv'nor!

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(I know that's not a word but it's the best one I could think of to describe it)....

I know the problem is not with my phone either because I have an i Phone 6 , plus all the other GIFs I've seen in other apps are very good quality.

And Google's chatbot is smarter than other chatbots.

It has the power of Google's Knowledge Graph, which understands many thousands of "entities" and how they relate to each other.

So you can ask more complicated questions that couldn't be resolved just by crawling the web.

And if you get bored, you can ask @google to start a game like "guess the movie based on a string of emoji." But where @google gets more interesting is inside your conversation with your friends.

Google recognized it was a graduation photo and then went a step beyond just guessing what it was, it guessed at appropriate responses.

And even beyond that, the responses are grouped into little meaning clusters — so you get a range of possible reactions instead of just variations on the same theme.

So it doesn't really matter, because there's so many for every search that I can always find a good one.

I don't know why so many people gave such good reviews for this app!

You can see the usual chat app stuff: there are sent and received indicators, emoji, and a big set of custom stickers.

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