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These output tests verify conformance with the specification by recording that data and comparing it with what is required for conformance with the XML 1.0 specification.

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In all cases, negative tests that appear to pass (diagnostics presented with a white background) must be individually examined in the report below.

The diagnostic provided by the processor must correspond to the description of the test provided; if the processor does not report the matching error, the seeming "pass" is in fact an error of a type the test harness could not detect or report.

The XML specification places requirements on the data which is reported by XML processors to applications. or it is not available, so the processor is in those respects nonconformant.

For example, SAX1 did not report external entities which were not included; but SAX2 does.

To know the actual test status, someone must examine the result of each passed negative test (and informative test) to make sure it failed for the right reason.

That examination may cause the counts of failed tests to increase (and passed tests to decrease), changing a provisional "conforms" status to a "does not conform".

In some cases, test cases may need to be reclassified; this would affect results attributed to parsers. Sections presenting test results are composed largely of tables, with explanations focussing on exactly what those tables indicate.

Diagnostics for failed tests are presented in italics, with a cherry colored background, to highlight the result.

The diagnostic was reported as a recoverable error.

Such errors primarily used to report validation errors, which are all violations of validity constraints, but some other errors are also classed as nonfatal.

Other such comments may indicate other categories of conformance issue.

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