Newsfeed on facebook not updating

It’s extremely obnoxious and I’m worried I have a bug in my computer. ” A: I think liquid damage has nothing to do with it although we really can’t pinpoint the cause why this is happening.I don’t know how many apps are doing this and where they’re saving their thumbnails but if only you can locate the folder, you can easily delete those thumbnails.

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The other feature is offline posting: you can now use and post your status updates/shares to Facebook even when you are offline (Airplane mode / no data etc.).

Facebook will post the update whenever your i Phone connects to a network. If you already have the app installed, go to the App Store → Updates section to update the Facebook.

It makes sense to check out the most-recent status updates, photo updates and other shares from your friends and pages you've liked/subscribed to.

I don't know why Facebook wants to change this default behavior to something that's not so “current”.

Facebook’s official app is among the applications that seem to have trouble pulling updates after the Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

I included a couple of problems below that best describe the issue.

Every time I backup photos from my phone to my computer, at least a hundred app related images transfer over, mostly from Podcast Addict.

However, the images are not visible in my gallery, they only show up when I sync.

If you're still on the old version, consider adding yourself to the wait list for the new look here.

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