Neopet dating service

The site was growing, lots of people were going to the game, and also the Mari_jhane and ad0 saga. Both of them were, and still are, friends of mine but the jist of what people have heard about them are true.If I remember correctly, you were quite involved with these sagas as well, either directly knowing the people involved or having friends that knew them. MJ was a known scammer and close friends with quite a few staff members who overlooked her deeds until she decided to post all of the Neopets Staff AIM screen names on a website called I was also behind the release of the additional colours of Evil Fuzzles and the Royal Grundo due to my constant and persistent prodding of some staff members.

Then there was the New Age: Neopets began forming itself as a company. Then, the Borg Age: It seemed like overnight, Neopets turned into this dictatorship and one giant banner ad.

Slowly pulling more advertising into the site, launching merchandise into stores, working on the art around the site and just making, overall, great improvements to the site. They don’t seem to listen to the ideas of users, constantly touting “legal reasons”, their customer service dropped off the face of Neopia, Sponsor Games being released left and right, changing a lot of the art to appear more “cartoonish” to attract the younger audiences, releasing/announcing things or making promises and never delivering on them or being about 3 months late on releasing it.

I joined Neopets on December 1, 1999, about 16 days after it was launched.

During the early years, I was a volunteer monitor for the site but that unfortunately that didn’t last long due to legal reasons.

All it all, it just seems like we’re stuck in the Borg Age which to me, equal unprofessionalism. This would arguably be the age that many old users often wish Neopets reverted back to.

I truly hope Neopets can jump to a new “Age”, I still love the game but I think it could be SO much more and so much better than it is now. There was a lot going on at this time wasn’t there? Most fan sites don’t really have a lot of information on either of those two and if they do, it’s just bits and pieces.

I remember back when Adam and Donna’s Welsh humour could be seen all across the site, and as things progressed, they began pulling that away from the site, bit-by-bit.

Once Doug Dohring took over, you could tell Neopets was slowly transforming into a company and away from a gaming site.

It certainly was entertaining and informative into how the inside of Neopets works, made a few friends and a few enemies.

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