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These include tubes by such makers as RCA, Mullard, Amperex, GE, Ken-Rad and so on.As a rule, Long Plates usually fetch higher prices than short plates.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on

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Personally, I usually favor Long Plates in V1 of my guitar amp and short plates in V2 (overdrive slot). For example, to my ears, Tungsram and Mullard I61 ECC83s have a big sound similar to Long Plates.

My advice is to buy a bunch of Long and Short plates and try them out in different applications to see what you like.

Sometimes the differences in sound between the two types can be subtle.

It really depends on your taste and what you are going for.

It can also get confusing because some companies 'cross-labeled' their tubes.

For example, you can find British Mullard ECC83s that are labeled Holland Amperex, and vis-versa. Britain' on the tube can actually be an Ei, RFT or Amperex. It gets even more confusing when you find European ECC83s with American logos such as RCA or GE.

This means that they generally have a cleaner sound and a more 'American' overdrive.

These types of tubes are very popular among Fender users, who are looking for a classic 1950s-1960s rock and blues sound.

It is important to know the differences between these tubes, since sound and performance can differ greatly between the two types.

Long plate 12AX7s were the first tubes of this type ever produced.

All the major European and USA tube manufacturers produced tubes under many different logos.

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