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The event was held on Wednesday 12 March 1958 at AVRO Studios. Sweden made its debut while the United Kingdom was the first choice to stage the contest, however following a failure to get an agreement from various artistic unions, the BBC withdrew their bid in the summer of 1957 and the United Kingdom did not enter for the second and last time to date, having also missed the first contest two years earlier.

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Vladimir Lorchenkov was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1979, grew up in Trans-Baikal, the Kola Peninsula, Hungary, Belarus. He graduated from Moldova State University with a degree in journalism and worked in local media for eleven years. His works are translated and published in Serbia, Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland.

His first publication appears in the magazine "Novy Mir" in 2002 (afterwards in "Znamya", "Oktyabr', etc.").

During the 1st Grammy Awards, held on at Hollywood's Beverly Hilton Hotel, "Nel blu dipinto di blu" received two awards, for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

The song also managed to reach the No.1 spot in the US-American Billboard Charts, making it one of the most successful Eurovision songs in the history of the contest.

I left too early to be able to have breakfast there but I look forward to it next time.

The cafe across the street and pizza place at the corner are great as well!

Each national broadcaster also sent a commentator to the contest, in order to provide coverage of the contest in their own native language.

Details of the commentators and the broadcasting station for which they represented are also included in the table below.

The 1958 contest continued with the policy implemented the year before where each country was limited to one song entry. In the coming decades after the 1920s settlement of the Dutch Radio Company in Hilversum, almost all other radio stations in the Netherlands followed suit, with television following in the 1950s, thus making Hilversum at the end of the 1950s ripe to provide great experience of organization skills and staff to produce and broadcast such international TV-transmitted event as the Eurovision Song Contest, while on the other hand TV was still a challenging advanced technology in general within Europe.

One such media network was the host of the event, Nederlandse Televisie Stichting.

It was the only year that the host country finished in last place until 2015, and the first time more than one country was placed last.

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