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Science partner Peter Pham, who has deep Silicon Valley connections, spends all his time socializing their businesses with Valley investors.

Jones points out that LA continues to develop better concepts and smarter content, and is pursuing more meaningful businesses than in previous years.

One example of the Science thesis concerns commerce arising from traditional brands’ lack of customer interaction.

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The magic of direct to consumer wasn’t just getting it delivered through an online purchase – the magic is actually having a brand that connected with you as an individual and recognized you as an individual customer,” explains Jones.

Dollar Shave Club reflects the success of the commerce thesis.

Science was the first to invest in the direct-to-consumer subscription razor company, which sold to giant Unilever for $1B in July 2016.

The company’s founder Michael Dubin met Jones through a friend.

“We have a strategy that identifies disruptable markets in areas that we think the world will need.

We call them disruption spheres of interest,” he says.

“I saw a big, bold prospective in the men’s grooming market with a distinctive vantage point.

I loved his brand, it sounded like a good mission, so I decided to go on the mission together with Dubin,” he says.

The second is to drive growth for these businesses, and third is to realize the enterprise value of the businesses through private transactions or IPOs.

What does Jones look for in early stage companies seeking his expertise?

The ingredients of a valuable entrepreneur change from sector to sector and firm to firm, but Jones has identified the through-line for Science to be those who are personally connected to the problem, working for reasons way beyond financial reward, highly receptive to advice and guidance, curious by nature, and understand the problem they’re tackling.

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