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While designed to bring these powerful functional concepts to Java Script, it presents an Object-Oriented API familiar to Javascript engineers and closely mirroring that of Array, Map, and Set.

It is easy and efficient to convert to and from plain Javascript types.

Despite the high number of the Salesforce map methods, using them requires the basic understanding of the functions of each method.

A map can be quickly used to find something by use of a key. It is worth noting that it is common to find keys which possess same or duplicate value in your map. One of the most common uses of maps is in the storage of records.

This is especially done when you want to stored records that you would like to processes.

In such a Map, it is easy to find record in the Map based solely on the ID.

You can either create the Map or use a already written snippet.

Some of the methods are very common while others are rarely used.

Below are some of the most commons Salesforce Map methods that you are likely to come across.When you copy-past an already written snippet into the System Log of your browser, it will automatically run. Before every update and after every update trigger there is usually a map. In the old Map, the list of all the s Objects before modification is present.The new Map on the other hand bears the list off all the s Objects after the values have been modified and updated.Salesforce map methods such as put, get and contain normally treat such kind of keys as very distinct and different.There are a number of Salesforce map method that can be used.The uniqueness of the non primitive keys, s Object keys and other collections are on the other hand determined by comparing filed value of the object.

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