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Our massage therapy clients receive the maximum aromatherapy benefits when a body massage is combined with Aromatherapy.

Incorporating highly effective, naturally-extracted herbal or floral plant essential oils into the massage oil or lotion, the healing properties of the aromatherapy oils are released during the body massage.

This holistic treatment aims to restore balance to the body and mind and stimulate internal organs through the reflexes of the feet and lower legs linked to the body’s 72’000 energy meridians (sen).

The sen resemble the Ayurvedic energy lines (nadis) more than Chinese meridians (used in acupuncture), and do not correlate with any organ system.

A Thai stick (made of rosewood) and shea butter as well as special blends of essential oils are used in this type of reflexology.

It feels like a delightful massage of the foot and lower leg.

It is wonderful for athletes or clients with stressful lives.

Ashiatsu massage is unique in its ability to maintain constant, even pressure to the entire body.

At Hands in Harmony your well-being is important to us.

Whether you are seeking relief from a stressful day or from chronic pain we would like to assist you in your journey to a pain and stress free life.

Eastern populations believe that the legs act as a second heart, with the movement of its muscles helping with the venous blood return to the heart.

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