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He began to earn a living as a poker player, spending daylight hours on gaming websites.After dark, he attended a Nottingham poker club called Dusk Till Dawn.Or before her fiancé Nicholas Gray was facing years in prison for the manufacture of illegal marijuana concentrates, arson, drug dealing and battery.

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Bebb-Jones fought extradition for two years, but was eventually sent to the U. in February 2011, after local authorities agreed not to seek the death penalty.

He initially protested his innocence, but changed tack this month after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

He took up residence in Las Vegas and lived for two years on the hotel proceeds, for a time cohabiting with a female blackjack dealer from the Golden Nugget Hotel.

In 1999, he returned to Kidderminster and lived in rented accommodation.

Public records detail a string of larceny and braggadocio: On January 13 of last year, Gray and Rodriguez allegedly drove from Vacaville to San Francisco to sell stolen Nike Air Max shoes and Coach bags.

Police obtained photos of Rodriguez with a stolen pair of shoes and a wallet.

Overweight and balding, he admitted he had killed his Vietnamese spouse ‘in the heat of passion’ and left her body to rot in the Rocky Mountains, then drove to Las Vegas, where he partied for 72 hours using Sabrina’s credit cards.

When the cards stopped working — he had spent almost £4,000 and had another £4,500 declined — he decided to pretend his murdered wife had walked out on their marriage, prompting him to take his own life.

I love when a plan comes together.” Also in March, Rodriguez is accused of grabbing a wallet at the Folsom Coach Outlet store, then showing it to Gray, who placed 10 of them in a “Faraday” style bag, which is designed to block a store’s security sensors.

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