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If you can afford it, the leather m1916 holster is what snake uses in MGS3. These suckers cost like 0 for a real one so that is out. I found one online for pretty cheap, the problem with it was that all the hardware was kinda gross when I got it and I had to do some major cleaning after cutting it all loose.

At one of my local Army surplus stores I managed to find and Olive Drab canvas one that was about the same shape. And sewed some of the top parts to my Stabo harness. The harness that I bought is no longer online, though.

Also, i cut 2 layers out for the actual switch thing. Once this whole thing is dry, I shoved the original switcher box into the hole and painted the outer layer with a 1:1 mix of glue:water. It should be noted that they take awhile to break in.

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Not completely accurate in my case, but it worked well enough. If you don't want to buy a radio to fill it, maybe make a foam one in the same way I made the shoulder switch. Doesn't look like that pistol belt combo is available anymore. This one looks similar, and looks like it has all the right parts to build a STABO harness from.

I didn't actually have a radio pouch on my costume. If this one doesn't come with enough of the strap material you can buy additional "webbing" online.

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For one of the 3 pieces I cut out a circle and then cut off the rest of the corner (to get the round shape for the dial).

Cut out 2 little notches about 3/4 down for the screw holes on the same layer of foam as the circle. stack all your foam up (order: circle cut, full piece, all the pieces with the cutout, whole piece), measure, and make cut some pieces for the sides so that when assembled it will be all smooth.These gloves are very close if not completely accurate to what Naked Snake is wearing in MGS3.Just cut off the thumb, pointer and middle fingers about an inch from the knuckle.Kind of like when you see people cut pages of books so they can fit something into it.Now, what do we do with the 3 pieces of foam that don't have the cutout for the existing switcher?All these amateur wifes are waiting for you to earn some extra money by giving you a mindblowing live sex chat or in other words a good online peepshow.

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