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Ikushima[Date of Issue]2005[Academic Year]2004[Articles]Early stage of phase separation of aluminoborosilicate glass for liquid crystal display substrate[Author]Y. Ikushima[Date of Issue]2004[Academic Year]2004[Articles]Structural change of OH-free fused quartz tube by blowing with hydrogen-oxygen flame[Author]N. Ikushima[Date of Issue]2004[Academic Year]2003[Articles]Structural relaxations in silica glass[Author]Akira J. Ohsono (Optoelectronic system lab, Hitachi Cable Ltd.)、 Y. Kakiuchida[Date of Issue]2003[Academic Year]2003[Articles]Fictive temperature dependence of structural relaxation in silica glass[Author]H.

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Ikushima、 Takumi Fujiwara、 Kazuya Saito[Date of Issue]2000/8/1[Academic Year]2000[Articles]Silica Glass for Photonics[Author]Kazuya Saito、 Akira J. Ikushima[Date of Issue]1999[Academic Year]1999[Articles]Improvement of the ultraviolet-proof property of silica glass fibers for Ar F excimer-laser applications[Author]Kazuya Saito、 A.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2002[Academic Year]2002[Articles]Local structural relaxation around OH in silica glass[Author]H. Ikushima[Date of Issue]2000/10/1[Academic Year]2000[Articles]Silica glass : A material for photonics[Author]Akira J.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2008[Academic Year]2008[Articles]Improvement of Yb3 doped optical fiber performs b using MCVD method[Author]V.

Ohsono、 Kazuya Saito[Date of Issue]2008[Academic Year]2008[Articles]Fictive temperature dependences of optical properties in Yb-doped silica glass[Author]Kazuya Saito、 R.

Barua[Date of Issue]2008[Academic Year]2007[Articles]Fabrication of long-period fiber grating by CO2 laser-annealing in fiber-drawing process[Author]T.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2007[Academic Year]2007[Articles]Density anomaly and microscopic structure in fluorine doped silica glass[Author]N.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2008[Academic Year]2008[Articles]Fabrication of Yb-doped silica glass through the modification of MCVD process[Author]Edson Haruhico Sekiya、 P.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2008[Academic Year]2008[Articles]Influences of Yb3 ion concentration on the spectroscopic properties of silica glass[Author]P.

Ikushima[Date of Issue]2007[Academic Year]2007[Articles]Structure and physical properties of sputter-deposited silica glss[Author]A.

Hirose、 Kazuya Saito[Date of Issue]2007[Academic Year]2007[Articles]Structure and physical properties of Yb-doped silica glass[Author]Kazuya Saito、 Edson Haruhico Sekiya、 P.

Itoh[Date of Issue]1997[Academic Year]1997[Articles]Structural Relaxation of the Frozen-in Density Fluctuations in Silica Glass[Author]Kazuya Saito、 A. Ikushima[Date of Issue]1997 [Academic Year]2010[Lecture]International Laser Symposium Fiber and Disc[Speakers]Edson Haruhico Sekiya、 M.

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