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In his statement King removed any doubt, accusing Warburton of asking for – and then mis-spending – sums beyond his transfer budget, of being overly sensitive of criticism, and of leaking confidential information.

The strident nature of King’s words ensured there could be no U-turn on the resignations, and may also plant a seed in the minds of prospective future managers of the sort of scrutiny they can expect to be placed under.

For all the sticks with which the Englishman could be beaten, this felt like a strange one to choose.

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For varied reasons, none can be considered unqualified successes, leaving King to bemoan that “we are not where we anticipated we would be at this stage of the season, and have not repeated the success that we had with our signings from the previous season”.

Warburton would struggle to muster a decent defence – no pun intended – to that criticism, although King and his board should also indulge in a degree of introspective examination for deviating so easily from their so-called “prudent phased investment”.

The lengthy statement released yesterday afternoon read like someone getting their retaliation in first.

It had been apparent for some time that the long-distance relationship between King and Warburton was growing ever acrimonious.

King’s claim that he has already provided £18m of the apparent £30m needed to “achieve our stated objectives” may also cause Warburton to raise an inquisitive eyebrow, given he spent only around £2.5m on transfer fees.

Where the rest of the money went, the chairman did not expand on.“The Board met to consider this request but resolved to hold them to the original agreement,” added King, closing the door on any possibility that Warburton could end up staying on as Rangers manager.Lest there were any fans still unsure as to on which side their loyalties lay, King revealed details of Warburton’s apparent desire to leave Rangers and return to England.Freddie, in fact, played a series of bad boys throughout his career.Yet while he was a party animal and the West End of Glasgow his private enclosure, he was certainly our very own Oliver Reed - but without the aggression.The capacity to look malevolent simply highlighted how good an actor he could be. “When I walk home from the pub at night in the West End they recognise my face and think I’m a gangster.

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