Internet dating rules

Realistically, everybody is going to put up their best Facebook photo.However, the study's results suggest that the golden rule is to go easy on this pick-and-choose selection process, as you run the risk of appearing flashy or boastful.If you were arrested 20 years ago at a protest, be prepared to talk about it.

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Navigating yourself around the world of online dating might seem like a fine art.

However, the likes of Tinder, Ok Cupid, and others provide a huge amount of statistical data that give social scientists and psychologists new avenues to explore.

Speaking of texting, if you don't do it, you might want to learn ... Especially if you are returning to the dating scene after a long haitus. Or at least be very aware of what you share online - especially in the social media arena.

no more waiting "three days" after a date to contact your new love interest. If you had an amazing first date, text them the next day and let them know...

In a fast, casual, abbreviated world charm, grace, etiquette and consideration count more than ever.

In times past, when manners and social graces were more common, it was assumed you would present a natural charm.

But this is not strictly because users are concerned they might fall for a narcissist.

“We found people want to contact a person who appears to be accurate in what they are saying about themselves online,” study author Andy High, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies, said in It’s more to do with potential daters thinking the profile is too good to be true – perhaps a valid concern when “catfishes” and bot profiles are rife.

If you have been seeing a special someone for a few months and are assuming that they are only seeing you - it is a really good idea to check.

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