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Auburn is a small suburb in Sydney’s west, a landing point for many migrants and refugees when they first arrive in Australia. (Photo and caption by George Voulgaropoulos/People/National Geographic Photo Contest) # NEW ORLEANS STREETCAR: This is a streetcar in New Orleans traveling back towards The Quarter on St. I held the camera against the window sill, making sure to divide the image equally between the inside and the outside. (Photo and caption by Don Chamblee/Places/National Geographic Photo Contest) # PRAYING ON THE LAND OF BLACK JERUSALEM – I: Black Jerusalem is the name given to Lalibela, the ancient capital of Abyssinia and monastic city of northern Ethiopian mountains.Its 11 rocky churches hidden in the volcanic rock are still venerated as the Mecca of the Ethiopian Coptic Christianity.

It was an early morning and minus 25 degrees Celsius outside.

This landscape feels out of this world, but in fact it’s in the outskirts of my home city, Kaunas—just a mile away from my house.

I’ve tried many times to capture them but it was never right.

Here, this oxpecker in a tight crop, lost on the abstract surface and framed by the legs of the larger animal finally seems to work. (Photo and caption by Benjamin Bronselaer/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) # RHEA’S PORTRAIT: A different angle from an American Rhea (Rhea americana) seen in Pantanal, Brazil, on a cloudy day. (Photo and caption by Simony Blanco/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) # SAND SPHERES: The food filtered 2-3mm sand ball creations of a tiny Sand Bubbler Crap. (Photo and caption by Szabo Eszfer/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) # GOOD MORNING: Jabulani the elephant greeting his caretaker, Stavros Chakoma, before heading out on safari.

I stayed around and it was this little gecko, startled by my presence he was hidden between the ridges of the leaf.

He would pop his head up periodically to check his surroundings, as soon as he saw i was still there he would hide again.Done so that it knows which sand has been filtered for food. (Photo and caption by Baron Collocott/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) # SUMMER AT GRANNY’S: This is a heart-shaped stawberry in the hand of my grandmother. Kapama Game Reserve, Kruger region of South Africa.(Photo and caption by Paula Durham/Nature/National Geographic Photo Contest) # CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS: Walking down a main street in Addis, I met this young character. One day, he invited me to his home to try some famous Ethiopian coffee, prepared traditionally.: One morning while on the Big Island of Hawaii, i exploring my surroundings to see if i could find something to photograph.I almost went back inside when something on this huge palm tree leaf caught my eye.Gambar Bogel, Awek Melayu Bogel, Gambar lucah, Video Lucah, Klip Lucah, 3gp Lucah, Cerita Lucah, Buku Lucah, Novel Lucah, Awek Cun Comel, Selfie Bogel, Makcik Minah Tudung, Skodeng,novel seks,blog lucah,cerita lucah,gambar bogel, melayu boleh, awek cun, melayu nakal, gadis telanjang, awek lucah, bohsia cikaro: Pundek Sue janda kinky ditutuh....

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