Hunter parrish dating

Here’s a scene from weeds featuring Mary-Kate and Hunter.

They usually dress like freaks of nature, with that weird messy hair, giant witchy shoes, and purses that seem to defy the laws of psychics by staying attached to their arms while they remain upright.

I can kind of tell them apart, because I think Mary-Kate is supposed to be the punkier one, but it was never really a priority for me.

Mary Kate Olsen, 21, is now single after ending a year long relationship with Max Snow last month.

They were unable to make their long distance relationship work and were living on different coasts.

The actor shot to fame in 2005 playing pot-dealing teen Silas Botwin in the hit TV comedy, but he confesses he didn't even try a joint until he finished a stint in the hit New York musical Spring Awakening in 2009.

Parrish tested out the drug after falling into a deep depression but, unlike his small screen alter-ego, the star didn't like getting high.

But she is ignoring him and focusing on her new movie Spring Breakers.

But Justin was just spotted hanging out with a mystery brunette at a concert in London, so it looks like he’s not doing a very good job of showing her just how much he misses her.

Now that I’ve seen a clip of Weeds, though, (I live in Europe and it’s not here yet) I have to say that Mary-Kate is a decent actress and if she is dating that Hunter guy, good for her. If only she could get a hairdresser BFF maybe she could clean up her look a little.

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