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“It would be nice if it didn’t exist in many other respects as well, in terms of harmonizing as much as we can between our provinces.” MLAs to return May 17 Set your calendar for May 17, as that’s the day the Throne Speech will be read.

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Wall said he hoped to speak with Pallister on Wednesday to congratulate him and begin laying the ground work for the rapid inclusion of Manitoba in the New West Partnership.

“Hopefully it allows Saskatchewan companies to more effectively bid for projects in Manitoba and visa-versa,” he said.

It cost $21 million — $6 million more than expected — and is behind schedule.

This is a well-timed unveiling, taking place May 16, one day before government returns.

“We’ve had some procurement disagreements with Manitoba that would have been solved if they were part of the New West Partnership,” said Wall.

A trade dispute flared up last year when Manitoba’s NDP government accused Saskatchewan of limiting its Crown corporation contracts to the provinces in the partnership.

Premier Brad Wall is looking forward to Manitoba joining the New West Partnership Trade Agreement.

That agreement, made in 2010 with Alberta and British Columbia, created barrier-free trade among the participating provinces.

No meeting is booked with Wall, but if there was one the premier said he would want to talk about a “pipeline or two” and federal employment insurance benefits with Trudeau.

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