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Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs of flowers look even more suggestive to me than some of his more obviously lusty snaps of men in various states of undress and erect action.

Though their flounce and curve have a pornography of color, flowers as a metaphor can be easily read as safe, sanitized stand-ins for the real musk and squelch of sex.

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"Seeking inspiration for his latest horror novel Blake Blackman, a writer from New York, retreats to a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. See full summary » A former Broadway star, who is now a great-grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's, relocates to the South to live with his granddaughter Tatum and her 10-year-old daughter, Liv. See full summary » Ex-racecar driver Randy Wilcox moves his family from Atlanta to a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when he inherits The Serenity Inn, a struggling bed and breakfast previously ...

Retiring at the zenith of her fame and fortune, the world’s most sought after supermodel wants us to remember her as the icon she is.

Macho minimalists preferred stacks of bricks and sheets of steel to prove the heft of their seriousness.

Besides, the florals look too comfortably bourgeois for the shock and spectacle of self-serious avant-gardists, though Giacomo Balla’s Though flowers have appeared in art for thousands of years, first evidenced in funerary motifs in the earliest Egyptian dynasties, they’ve been used mostly as a sideshow, a decorative motif, a signifying prop.

But we certainly haven't seen the back of her since she's a woman of many talents.

The highest paid catwalk strutter walked took her final trip down the runway at São Paulo Fashion Week for Brazilian brand Colcci’s spring/summer 2016 collection, and we’re in love with the halter neck white lace dress she modelled down the runway.A vase of flowers in grandma’s parlor might be less notable than a bouquet of dildos erupting out of a bucket of lube.The opposite of badass to all the tough boys playing with their power tools, flowers to them are for old ladies and sissies and girls.Those bright colors and elaborate bodies were meant to turn us on.Georgia O’Keeffe transformed her blossoms from still-life representation into a kind of abstraction that tongued that first truth of flowers; all of her blooms wore the faces of interdimensional pussies.Ideal for summer with its breezy design and halterneck detailing, this look is easily attainable for us mere mortals and although this exact one isn’t up for grabs, a few similar alternatives are available from around the web.

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