Google groups not updating usenet

It lets users access the archive in various ways and also post articles.

In the following, some methods of utilizing such possibilies in links are discussed.

You can then, after having found the interesting article, follow the link to it, then the link "Complete Thread", and finally "View this article only".

This gives you a page with a URL like To refer to a thread, you can locate any article in the thread first.

Thus, URLs, as defined in the specification of URL syntax, RFC 1738, which has been partly superseded by RFC 2396 but is still applicable as regards to individual URL schemes.

Some notes on extensions recognized by some browsers are also given.

(If you just gave the name of the group, he might need to use e.g.

cut and paste to access the group the way he normally uses.) : The default configuration of popular Web browsers is often inadequate in this respect. Internet Explorer or Netscape for posting to Usenet, you should at least find out how to configure them to make sure that they send the articles as plain text only, as HTML or both as text and as HTML!

Typically, such links are implemented in browsers so that when the link is selected, a special browsing mode is initiated.

The user sees first a list of headings of (recent) articles posted to the group.

When you have found an article via Google Groups or otherwise, there are different ways to set up a URL that can be used to refer to the article, in different formats.

If you have just a vague idea of what the article might be, you can use Google Groups Advanced Group Search page.

It is still uncertain to which extent Google Groups might revert back to the old version in functionality.

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