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For this reason, translation is something that is always going to be in demand. Before that, he ran a computer games company for ten years and then worked as a freelance journalist.

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But from a native-speaking standpoint, German has plurality with almost a fifth of the EU speaking it as a mother tongue, followed by English, Italian and French.

Respecting cultural/linguistic diversity is one of the EU’s core principles, which is reflected in its annual translation and interpreting spend at over a billion Euros.

Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004.

Poland is comparable in size to Italy or Germany (in USA larger than New Mexico) and with a population of approximately 39 million (e.g.

Administrative division 16 provinces (wojewodztwa) President Lech Kaczynski Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski Parliament the Sejm 460 deputies, the Senate 100 deputies (four-year term) Currency 1 Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy (1 EUR = aprox.

Freaks is a 1932 American Pre-Code horror film in which the eponymous characters were played by people who worked as carnival sideshow performers and had real deformities.Administrative division 16 provinces (wojewodztwa) President Lech Kaczynski Prime Minister Donald Tusk Parliament the Sejm 460 deputies, the Senate 100 deputies (four-year term) Currency 1 Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy (1 EUR = aprox.4 PLN) Time GMT 1h Religion Catholics 90.7 %, Orthodox 1.4%, others 7.9% Nationalities Poles 98.5 %, Ukrainians 0.6%, Germans 0.5, others 0.4% Life expectancy 68 years men, 77 years women GDP 13 275 USD per capita, PPP – dollar Inflation 2.1% Average monthly salary/month 480 USD Unemployment 17% Urbanization 65% Literacy 99% Tourism 14 million tourists visit Poland every year, Poland ranks 14th in the world as a tourist destination Border countries Germany (467 km), Czech Republic (790 km), Slovakia (538 km), Ukraine (529 km), Belarus (416 km), Russia (210 km), Lithuania (103 km), Baltic coastline (788 km) Surface Poland consists mostly of lowlands, the lowest point – the village of Racki Elblaskie 1.8 meters below the sea level Mountains On the Southern border, High Tatra (highest peak Rysy 2,499 m), Bieszczady, Beskid, Karkonosze, Gory Stolowe Rivers the Vistula (Wisla) 1,047 km, the Odra, the Bug, the Warta Lakes Śniardwy (Mazury)113,8 km2 SIZE IN COMPARISONRank European Size Rank country (in km2) (in the world) 1 Ukraine 603700 43 2 France 543958 47 3 Spain 505992 50 4 Sweden 446964 54 5 Germany 357022 61 6 Finland 338145 63 7 Norway 323877 66 8 Poland 312658 67 9 Italy 301268 69 10 Great Britain 244100 76POPULATION IN COMPARISON Rank European Population Rank country (mln) (in the world) 1 Germany 82.1 12 2 France 58.9 20 3 Great Britain 58.7 21 4 Italy 57.3 22 5 Ukraine 50.7 23 6 Spain 39.6 29 7 Poland 38.7 30 8 Romania 22.4 44 9 Netherlands 15.7 56 10 Greece 10.4 70 Home Holiday Arrangements Stud-farm Map Login dinsdag, 15 maart 2011Advertisement * Nederlands * English * Polish * Deutsch * Français Main menu Home News Holiday Camping Houses Pension About Poland Conditions Arrangements Trektochten Stud-farm Course Price Activities Map Photo album Links Weather Games Bezoek ook: Pension “Jaskolka” Marczow 56 59-613 Marczow Poland Tel.: 00 48 (0) 75 71 36 587 Fax: 00 48 (0) 75 71 36 588in nederland: Tel. 00 31 (0)6-53744811 Email: [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need Java Script enabled to view it DSC_0970About Poland PDF Print E-mailflag1coat1Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004.En el último tramo el sendero pasa bordeando las playas de "Sota del Parador", Alguer y Sant Jordi.Entramos a Llançà por la calle Pallars, seguimos por la calle Barcelona hasta encontrar el paseo marítimo i el cruce AE128 Port de Llança. From a business perspective, English may have emerged as the lingua franca of global commerce and, subsequently, the internet, but any company that is looking to make serious inroads into foreign markets should consider the following facts: Asia accounts for over forty percent of the world’s internet users; China has thirty percent more internet users than the US; three quarters of the world’s population speaks no English at all; internet users are four times more likely to buy from a website in their native language.

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