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Lessons range in learning how to control anger to how to help a friend in an abusive relationship."We can practice working with our partners, with our friends, with our family in communicating effectively to get our needs met, but communicating in a way that's respectful so we don't have to resort to punching our partner or cussing out our partner," she said.

The partnership between the group and state schools started 17 years ago. For example, social media has been added as another tactic in dating abuse."They can create fake profiles even if their original profile was blocked, they can spread rumors about them they can post images that they may have of that person," Singletary said.

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Overburdened teachers sometimes complain that they are required to teach too much material that has nothing to do with academics, but a subject some state legislators want them to teach in middle and high schools could save lives.

Bills moving in the Florida Legislature recognize the alarming growth of teen dating violence and call for schools to teach students about it.

And it seems to work."When we're going in and talking about these issues, then often we are the safe adult that they feel comfortable talking to," she said.

"They're the only person that has talked [to them] about dating violence, or sexual violence to them so we do get a lot of student disclosures."Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands has a 24-hour hotline that you can call if you've been a victim.

His talk focused on masculinity and what it means to be a man — a man of integrity.

Principal Marty Straub said the topic of healthy relationships is one he’s given a lot of thought.“We care about them (students) inside our school and outside our school,” Straub said.

Christie Brungardt frequently speaks to high school students and has spoken to individual Hays High classes.

Curt Brungardt often speaks to university students, but the Hays High presentation was the first time they’ve given the presentation to separate genders.

After a few years of marriage, Fleenor divorced him and is in a healthy marriage now.

The stereotype is women as victims and men as violators, Christie Brungardt said.“Men are victims, too.

The bill and its Senate companion (SB 642) also would require school boards to adopt a policy prohibiting dating violence on campus or during school activities, with violators subject to school discipline, and would require training for teachers and school staff.

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