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Walking by the desk of the bureau chief, a reporter named Syed Irfan Ashraf stopped to take a look at the edit, which was being translated into English for that night’s news, and heard the girl’s voice. “Earlier, the situation was quite peaceful in Swat, but now it has worsened. Our siblings are terrified, and we cannot come to school.” She spoke an Urdu of startling refinement for a rural child. On the roads, Taliban soldiers in black turbans pulled drivers out of cars at checkpoints, searching for DVDs, alcohol, and anything else in violation of Shari’a, or strict Islamic law.In a lane near the market, a low wall protected the two-story private school.Where we blame other communities and media for bringing social evils into our culture, it is our very own people who sell drugs and alcohol to teenagers/schools/university students for a living.

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Everyone who laid eyes on Malala Yousafzai knew the Pakistani schoolgirl was something special.

When her mountain town of Mingora, in the Swat Valley, fell under Taliban rule, her courage made her a powerful symbol.

A round of applause should also go to the men who have been sharing this video and making the mission of these gang-rapists successful.

These very men are the sick mentality evil-doers who in turn, go on to rape more girls and come up with fruitful ideas to share their ‘manly acts’ with their friends.

The woman was later made to stay at home and discontinue her profession as a respectable teacher; discontinued to see people or even step out of the house.

Apparently, that is the future of a woman if she has been victimised in this society.

Women are to be blamed partially for what happens to them in these parties, too.

The ‘tightened’ environment that they get at home mixed with the liberal treatment they get in co-education school environments and at parties that they want to test their limits, going for these drugs and men.

Indian movies and Punjabi/Pakhtun films are being watched with the cameras rolling across the woman’s entire body, and these are made easy available to view.

The double standards amuse Pakistani people who really need to use social media for information gathering or learning experiences.

There are no follow-ups to crimes, and criminals roam around freely, chin-up, as they are well aware of the punishments for their actions — none.

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