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Whitlock was on remand having been charged with conspiracy to burgle over 19 alleged ATM thefts.

It is strongly believed drones were used to fly cutting equipment into the north London prison, which the inmates used to slice through bars on a window.

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C-Note was put in the witness protection program for protection against Mahone.

Michael and T-Bag got incarcerated in a prison in Panama, Sona.

However T-Bag was made it out of Fox River, but was sent back by Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. After the escape, Abruzzi is cornered at a hotel while looking for Fibonacci, and is killed by several FBI agents.

Only Benjamin Franklin, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and Fernando Sucre were exonerated and were not incarcerated or killed by the end of the series. Sucre was let into the plan simply because he shared a cell with Michael.

They would gather again to search for Westmoreland's money stash.

FBI Agent Alexander Mahone killed Tweener and Haywire.

He escaped because he tagged along as the breakout occurred .

Later, he is goaded into jumping to his death by Mahone. He refused, but later reconsidered, proving he was Cooper so he'd be accepted.

They missed the plane that was supposed to take them away and had to run.

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