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Peter Smits was born in Antwerp in 1973, and his musical educational has come from reading, listening and self study.

The works of Mozart have been a particular inspiration, and Smits' music bears a resemblance to those of the classical composer.

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Here is a selection of his original compositions: Dan Pinto is a musician and composer who, back in 1998/99 created a feature film called "Die for a Life" so that he could compose its soundtrack.

The music for this production is in a modernised version of 70s thriller style.

He is multi-lingual speaking 5 Indian languages in addition to English, giving his pronunciation a special clarity and diction.

His powerful and melodious voice spans 3 octaves, and he has cut many albums and travelled widely across India giving concerts.

Check out our Original MIDI Music and Original Sheet Music Sections for more original music.

Maestro Emil Khoury (song-writer, performer, composer, conductor, music arranger, music analyst, research scholar, and professor of both Western and Middle-Eastern musics) has various works recorded to his credit: the Great Love cantata for H.

Giri has received several awards & titles for his service to music.

He is now trying to fuse various genres of Indian Music with Westernised Form of Indian Music to produce a different Indian Music.

You can download one of Vsevolod Shcherbakov's pieces using the link below, and you can find more of his music at this showcase page.

Here is an mp3 file of a wonderfully evocative piece of music called The Locks of Rhone (5Mb download).

Having earned his higher education and lived in the US for so many years, Dr.

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