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You turned me from a pick up artist into just an unapologetic woman-lover, and I never felt better. Now I have a good idea what to do, I can just practice and get better and better at it.

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: i Tunes | Android | RSS Just the 1st video.. My apologies again for the delay, especially to those of you who signed up early and have been waiting quite some time.

Finally I have the first video up for my newsletter readers, or perhaps I should say viewers.

For example guys who resent, or do not have respect for women use routines (long after the initial flirtation) as a method of control, and as a mechanism for avoiding any real emotional connection.

If your goal is the psychological control of women then please unsubscribe from my list.

Zan is a frequent guest on radio and television and has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, including Macleans and Men's Health, and has been a regular contributor to both Bobbi and UMM magazines.

In addition, Zan is frequently invited to give lectures at colleges and universities around the world, including UC Berkeley, Mc Gill University, Queens University, the University of Calgary, the University of Monterrey, and the Humboldt University of Berlin, among others.

His biggest fans at the end of the day, however, are not men, but women. But that whole 'picking up women' took out all the curiousity, all the excitement out of a conversation and interacting with women...

This is because he subscribes to the notion that all women are beautiful. I am a lover of women, and if your heart is sincere, you will understand exactly what that means... yes, that’s what I am: if you could see even one tenth of the beauty I see in a woman, you too would be seduced, you too would believe, you too would live your life surrounded by boundless beauty and grace." But I'm not here to say thank you for 'teaching me how to get good with girls'... It felt so forced, predetermined, almost manipulative...

You can get together with longtime acquaintances or a couple you've just met, maybe from your neighborhood, church, school, or work.

The four of you might simply enjoy a quiet meal together or you may want to try out a new adventure, all the while sharing your stories, your experiences, and your lives.

And you don't have to commit to anything beyond one date, though you may have such a great time you end up wanting to get together again and again.

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