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Keep in mind that the Internet is just one tool that can or should be used.

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It is also important to realize that the information you want may not be available through the Internet.

When you consider using the Internet as an information resource, approach it the same as you would in doing any research: examine the purpose and goals of the project and use the tools and resources that are appropriate to meet those goals.

I used Archie to find which anonymous ftp locations that carried the program.

(Today's example would be using Gnutella or Blue Bear to find which peer-to-peer (P2P) carried the files you wanted.) The file was available at about fifty locations around the world.

The Internet can give you access to experts and specialists on almost any topic imagineable.

How can all of the information and expert assistance on the Internet help you?

I retrieved the software and had it to the systems operator about an hour following the request.

My client wondered if there was a market for home-sized electric food dehydrators in Hungary.

After striking out using the traditional commercial databases, I posted a query on the Hungarian discussion group ([email protected] Within fifteen minutes of the posting, my client received a phone call concerning the post. But, within two days I received two encouraging replies from Hungary, one giving me the name and email address for another company in Hungary who might help out.

BITNET) and the Eastern European Business Network ([email protected] Within an hour there were two replies in my email box. I sent them a message and they responded that they didn't know if there was a market for food dehydrators, but they would check.

Another time, a client wanted to know if there were any library cataloging programs using the database program PC-FILE. Within two days I received several answers via email (half from outside the U.

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