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As long as your butter is coming from grass-fed cows, it will also be rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has been found to possess strong anti-cancer properties, assist in weight loss and help build muscle.

CLA is not present in cattle that is fed grain or hay.

An important enzyme called phosphatase is also destroyed through the pasteurization process, which inhibits your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

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Nutrients Butter is unique in that the pasteurization process does not destroy its fat soluble vitamins.

Butter is one of the best sources for true vitamin A that you can find, because it is more easily absorbed and utilized than any other source, which plays a vital role in the adrenal glands, brain, nervous system, bones and many functions like vision, and it is an excellent source of vitamin D, K and E.

Lactose Intolerance & Sensitivity The prevalence of lactose intolerance and a sensitivity or allergy to dairy is very high, which means in those individuals it would contribute to things like inflammation, intestinal permeability, autoimmune conditions, and all the maladies that are associated with these issues, so these people must typically avoid dairy.

As much as 75 percent of the world’s population may be lactose intolerant, with prevalence in the Caucasian population being about 25 percent and about 97 percent in the Native American population.

Since these fatty acids do not have to be emulsified by bile salts during digestion, they can be absorbed directly from the small intestine and delivered to the liver to be used as an instant source of energy.

Short- and medium- chain fatty acids are also important for immune function and posses antimicrobial and antitumor properties.

It is believed by some researchers that many native diets included butter.

Butterfat (the fat in dairy) is a rich source of selenium and contains a variety of other nutrients like zinc, chromium, iodine, manganese, and glutathione.

Goat whey is naturally abundant in the essential amino acid - tryptophan (natural sedative) which stimulates serotonin secretion – a neurotransmitter which is famous for causing feeling of relaxation and drowsiness.

The most important quality of serotonin is its antidepressive effect.

It was bringing cattle into confinement, subjecting them to unsanitary living conditions and milking procedures that resulted in the need for a pasteurization procedure.

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