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That would seem an injustice of mercy, in a favorite word of Pope Francis’s.

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Many people shy away because of that one factor, but when you throw in the prospect of that process possibly lasting up to one years or more and the fact that you must pay for it, even more people shake their heads and walk away because it just doesn’t seem worth it to them.

They’d rather get on with their lives and they falsely believe a new relationship will be the key.

It has been noted that the pope’s primary motivation for doing this was “salus animarum – the salvation of souls – which is the suprema Ecclesiae lex – the supreme law of the Church.” He is working to bring Catholics back to the Church.

I don’t see this hurting or weakening marriage in any way.

One of the 11, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of Bologna, said that easing the rules for couples who are divorced and remarried ‘is the mistaken pity of an incompetent or weak physician who contents himself with bandaging wounds without treating them’.

The ‘no sex’ rule, understood to be backed by a number of conservative Catholic leaders who have not joined the 11 in a public stand, would apply until the newly-married husband or wife obtained an annulment for their first marriage.

Having been through the annulment process myself, I can attest to the fact that it is an intensely personal scrutiny of a failed marriage relationship and is extremely painful to go through.

It takes a lot of courage to be willing to dredge up terrible memories and relive painful scenarios so a tribunal can make this weighty decision.

People call it a Catholic divorce because they don’t understand its purpose.

The annulment process is a legal process within the Church so it bears some similarities to a civil divorce, but that’s about the only similarity.

He did this in advance of his visit to the United States for the World Meeting of Families and a meeting in Rome with bishops from throughout the world next month on the same topic.

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