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I suspect her father works in some agency and helps her. Then she understood I was not interested at all and started to seek a meeting with me. The girl flew to one of my concerts in another country.

I am now working most actively on my new repertoire, writing the songs.

In Ukraine and Sweden two of my albums were released, now I am recording the third – A Christmas one. The next 3-4 weeks I will spend on recording the Christmas Album. This is difficult for sure because in this period I was invited to Serbia, Germany and Malta. Three popular artists will participate in it beside me.

She said recently that she would never confirm or deny that she was a Kremlin spy even though she struck a plea bargain deal with the US authorities admitting she had acted as an agent of the Russian government.

Her enthusiasm to cash in on her image as a spy coupled with her refusal to talk about it has stoked speculation that she may have only ever been a low-level informer rather than a fully-fledged agent.

We are organising a non-political event and if the hosting country is able to ensure the safety of participants there is no reason why it should not be allowed to host the finals."The potential eastern boycott is another problem for Eurovision, who are already struggling to allay the fears of the western countries that they now no longer have a chance in the contest.

Sir Terry Wogan confirmed last month he would be stepping down as the BBC's Eurovision host after 37 years.

The 29-year-old made the blunder when she appeared on the runway last Sunday dressed in a tight-fitting new designer outfit meant to wow an audience of Russian celebrities at Moscow's Volvo Fashion Week.

Footage of the incident showed the pistol, which was reported to be genuine, clattering to the ground as soon as she stepped out onto the catwalk dressed in knee-high tan boots and a leather fur-collared jacket.

Miss Chapman, who was one of 10 Kremlin agents deported from the United States last summer, is then seen fumbling to recover both the gun and her poise.

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