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Sugar, meat, flour, butter, margarine and milk were all rationed so that everyone got what they needed.

Each person had special ration cards, even King George and Queen Mary. Families had to say which butcher, baker and grocer they would buy food from. Anyone found cheating could be fined or even sent to prison.

In the countryside, many men and farm horses had been sent off to war.

They were replaced by women who worked hard to grow the much-needed food.

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Lots of food was sent away to feed the soldiers fighting in the war.

Two pounds of red apples, a bunch of bananas, and three big oranges, please.

A dozen eggs, a jar of mayonnaise, and a bottle of ketchup, please. There was also less food arriving from other countries because ships bringing supplies were often attacked by German submarines called U-boats. People panicked and soon there were very long queues outside shops.Government posters encouraged families to save food so there would be more to feed the soldiers fighting.Subscribe today to receive your favorite magazines at your door!After months of getting these kinds of emails and manually playing matchmaker I decided it would be easier if I just created a place for people to meet one another.Many children helped too, but without horses to pull the heavy ploughs it was really tough work.

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