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While he hasn’t been in the limelight as much in recent years, Steve Martin is still, for my money, one of comedies sharpest, most legendary performers.

Here are 12 factual things about Steve Martin you may not have known…1.

So I'm happy to have this version of it recorded so we can move on and get some new material and kind of feel like we're not leaving behind something that wasn't preserved.

And they will start a tour later this month that includes three concerts at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles over the Fourth of July weekend.

Martin spoke with The Associated Press by telephone recently to discuss his friendship with Brickell, his unexpected second career as a musician and a new musical he hopes will make it to Broadway. Doing an hour, hour and a half of live standup is an endurance test.

It has a beginning, middle and end and a strong story. AP: Music has offered you a new creative outlet you didn't expect.

From his zany days on SNL (more ion that in a minute), to his brilliant films spanning three decades, Martin has always been a perfect mixture of wit and intelligence and physicality.

His Navin Johnson character from Magazine’s 100 Best Movie Characters of All Time.11.

After inviting friends including Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy to a dinner party, Martin married his longtime girlfriend Anne Stringfield in a surprise ceremony at their Los Angeles home.12.

AP: The "Great Performances" concert is your first concert recorded for broadcast. Martin: When I look back and see that our second performance, almost our first performance together, was at Carnegie Hall, I almost cringe because the show has grown so much, and I'm really happy to get this iteration of it on videotape.

I think we're just about to change it, and I don't mean deliberately, you can just tell it's about to evolve into a new form.

It's got more of a pared-down orchestra with stringed instruments -in this case there will be the banjo, fiddle, cello, piano, maybe seven instruments.

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