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There will of course be a lot of lesbian lust, and solo action, but what really caught my eye and drew me in, were the hardcore increments of male/female footage.Yes, there was the usual nipple licking, pussy eating, cock sucking enjoyment that you would expect, and the penetration as well, but there was something different.

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Some of the footage is filmed between husbands and wives, some are not, but there is such a softness in areas that I found myself thinking theyve mastered keeping the romance alive, theyre not just having sex on film, but theyre making love to one another.

I think it was the kissing, and the embracing, it wasnt until I watched that that after all of my years working in the adult genre, thats something you hardly ever see, a hug exchanged that you can tell carries true emotion, whether it be friendship, thankfulness for what theyve just shared, or love, there are few arm wrapping enclosures of affection, but there will be on this site, and I for one, enjoyed that addition a lot, it definitely graced this amateur content with yet another facet of reality.

Forgive me if I ramble at first, but I dont want to miss sharing my immediate experience.

First of all, the backdrop, layout, navigation, etc., is all very well done.

Using the appropriate shades of a deep burgundy and a rich gold, it will draw you into the ethnic of the erotica.

They dont mince words or leave you searching for anything, the advertising set shots begin and will travel through page after page of what will bring a very high tally for your dollars.Join award winning pornstar Sunny Leone as she gets very personal with herself.Added: Wednesday, Aug 26 , 2015 Indian GF Homemade Sex Take the Condom Off!Added: Wednesday, Aug 26 , 2015 SEXY INDIAN GIRLS EXPLORING SEXUAL FREEDOM GET INSTANT ACCESS XXX Women of India Hardcore!!When messing around with Kama Sutra positions you should learn from the professionals.The sex seems to much hotter when its not so orchestrated, no one on the sidelines shouting instructions of what they think members will find the hottest, no, these are just real people, from India, being themselves, only on Desi Papa.

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