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Este cu siguranta dificil sa-ti dai seama dupa o intalnire daca ti-ai intalnit partenerul/partenera de cursa lunga, insa totul sta in abordarea noastra vizavi de noua relatie.


In the world of illegal cage fighting there are no rules and only the strongest survive.

It is a world that Duo has been undercover in for over a year and when the Preventers fear he may have gone rogue unexpected back up arrives...

Remy gets approached by Destiny and she tells him that if he cannot get Rogue away from the X-men she will die. This story is the chapter companion of my previous oneshot ‘Victims of Circumstance’. On Rogue's big day, Remy shows her the best part about moving in together.

He has to convince her to go with him to New Orleans, and he has no idea what will await them there. Gambit and Rogue have let things get carried away and have now gone much too far to stop. A story that focuses on the relationship of Gambit & Rogue as well as how the events of UXM 350 affected the rest of the X-Men. He looks pale, is irritated and sleepy most of the time and is unwilling to share the problem, even with Rogue. *Sequel to Box of Chocolates and Flying South*Rogue told Kitty she didn't even have plans for Valentine's day.

If he didn't know better he would've thought Duo was offering them up as babysitters.

(Part of the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Arc - post EW, warnings at top.)To vent his frustration throughout the war Duo turns to Heero for no-strings attached sex not knowing the silent solider would start to develop feelings for him.

1x2x1"Hey now, I am great with kids, you know that!

And Heero, well, you know, not a single hair on her tiny baby head will be displaced and he'll guarantee you that." A wash of apprehension flooded Heero then.

There's an inevitable pull towards the remnants of what's left behind.

Her walls have been built,but Remy finds it hard to be anywhere but beside her come hell or high water ROMY.

ROMYAccounts vary on what actually happened on That Day, but a few things were agreed upon- it involved a diamond the size of a small fist,a motorcycle named Selene,several murderers,a revenge plot,a roll of duct tape,a red dress,and a kitten named Bill. But what is the end result of an X-man and an Acolyte falling in love? Watch as the spunky Southerners try to discover how to fix themselves and give each other hell as they pretend to the rest of the mansion that nothing's wrong! This story deals exclusively with the rocky relationship between Rogue and Gambit. In this chapter: Remy, Rogue and the first words spoken between the two in an eternity. Too bad she's still thinking about the Cajun she spent her Christmas Eve with.

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