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I then set to work & created all of these FUN “Road Trip Survival Kit” printables to go along with my theme……The picture below may explain a little more what all of these were used for….

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And this year, making these precious memories is easier than ever with our… So we asked Lynette and Stephanie Garner, the crazy talented illustrators over at Sing AStory, if they would design these nativity printables for us. Just for you, they created a 15 PAGE PACK of gorgeous nativity masks and props. I just love how the colors of the Wisemen coordinate with their gifts. Just open up to Luke 2: 1-20 in your Bible and have the family act it out as you read along.

OR if you’d rather, you can print off this nativity script complete with songs. But if you have more that that, just print out extra copies of the animal, shepherd and angel masks.

Social Clout: 3,919 followers URL: Bragging Rights: she’s been through the ups and downs This certified life coach from New Jersey explores the realities of today’s dating scene.

Topics like “Nobody Wants to Date a Control Freak” and “Booty Calls Leave You Loveless” take an almost existential look at the choices we make and why we make them.

For teenagers and adults you might need to cut the holes a little larger.

Bragging Rights: strengthening marriages one date at a time A large group of lovely divas came together for this blog, which is aimed at improving the overall dating experience for married gals and those still searching.She also breaks down the pros and cons of dating sites.Social Clout: 34,308 followers, 2,173 likes URL: Bragging Rights: single, sexy and saved Diary of a Dating Diva is from a refreshing and admittedly opinionated young woman as she struggles through “overall hilarity of dating in the new millennium.” Vegan since birth, she describes her style as “a dash of silly, a pinch of eclectic mixed with a tad of intellect.” Her site tackles STD awareness, sexual exclusivity and the depressive side of dating.My FIRST “turn to when I am searching for something” is GOOGLE!!*sigh* I can pretty much find just about anything I need on there!One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is acting out the nativity story as a family on Christmas Eve.

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