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For twenty-nine-year-old Hannah O' Dowd, finding a decent man in Portland, Oregon, is like pulling teeth!

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I pictured private movie booths in back, complete with tissue dispenser and vinyl seats, a bulletin board with the names and numbers of escort services and rack upon rack of pornographic magazines. A very brightly lit parking lot, and crowded with chanting people. Twenty or so women were marching in a circle, carrying signs: No Sex Shops Near Our Schools! Her novel Dating Without Novocaine was named one of Waldenbooks' "Best Books of 2002," and she is a two-time finalist for the prestigious RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America -- for her novella in the 2003 A Mother's Way anthology and for her paranormal novel Come to Me.

But I also imagined they'd have vibrators and dildos.

The traffic gave me plenty of time to contemplate as I approached the entrance to the parking lot. "Kids walk by here every day on their way to and from school." "Yes?

I'd never been in such a place, and imagined it was mostly middle-aged men who frequented them. I shoved through the door and out into the brightly lit parking lot. " I said, finally fitting my key into the lock, not able to concentrate. " "It's not like they'd be allowed in," I said, feeling a little braver now that freedom was almost at hand. "I'll bet the kids see more porn from their dads' stashes than they ever will from this place." I dived into my car and slammed the door. Copyright (c) 2002 Lisa Cach Lisa Cach is the national bestselling, award-winning author of more than a dozen books, including Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel (available from Pocket Books).

Luckily, the self-employed clothing designer has a job she loves and friends to help ease the pain: oversexed Cassie (always good to have the opposite perspective, Hannah notes), analytical Louise (too much perspective not always good) and For twenty-nine-year-old Hannah O'Dowd, finding a decent man in Portland, Oregon, is like pulling teeth!

(Note: While paling in comparison to her paralyzing fear of anything dental related, acquiring froglike qualities from hanging around losers—still not good.)And she's only just begun!

A heavy-set woman sat in the center of a round cashier's island, reading a book. I'm going to put it to hard use, and don't want it breaking down on me. The sight of a woman confidently holding one of those monsters in her hands would be enough to scare any man away.

And if it didn't, a smack on the side of the head with it and he'd be out.

Talented seamstress Hannah O'Dowd cuffs men's pants to pay the rent, but while her hands hover at ankle-height, her attentions are focused a bit farther up.

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