Dating taiwan coins before 1911 virtual dating gaman

20 Cents, Nd (1912) Sun Yet Sen Silver Coin 2000 Silver China Panda S10y (sealed In Original Pouch From The Mint)1988 China 50 Yuan Panda 5 Ounce Proof Silver Original Box & Coa 118China 25th Year Of Kuang Hsu Pei Yang. Md-2334Tmm* 1911 China Dragon Dollar Nice Original Vf1989 China G10y (yn Yuan) Panda Small Date 1/10 Oz Gold Coin Ngc Ms691993 China 10 Yuan "small Date" Gold Panda Coin Ngc/ncs Ms69Third Reich Silver Matte Medal 1938 Pcgs Sp63 Edge Vienna Mint 835 / C.

114Annam Or China Sycee 10 Tael1900 B China Hong Kong Uk Geat Britain Silver Trade Dollar Ngc Ms 631909 China Kiau Chau German Occupy 5 Cents Ngc Au-50 Unc1991 China 1/2 Oz Gold Panda Small Date 50y Ngc Ms68 (great Wall Label) Sku457431986 Gold .999 Quarter 1/4 Oz Panda China In Original Government Plastic1982 Chinese Gold Panda 25 Yuan 1/4 Oz. China Szechuan Province 1912 5 Cents House And Orchid Copper Coin Au/unc 22mm1911 China Empire 10 Cash Y-27 Scarce China - 1982 Proof Mint Set - 7 Coins & Medal - In Original Packaging - Rare!

This style persisted until about the 13th century, when silver and then brass coins were minted and circulated.

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The Taiwanese see him as the “father of a nation”, while the Chinese on the mainland consider that his political ideology and revolutionary spirit make him the “forerunner of democratic revolution” which resulted in the establishment of the PRC.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Sun Yat-sen features prominently and consistently on commemorative Chinese coins ahead of other Chinese politicians.

Usually putting in the AH date will yield e Bay auctions from some part of the world.

Most of the time in the listing it will state the actual AD year....

1991 Chinese Panda 25 Yuan Gold Coins 999 Gold China - Republic, Choice Uncirculated 1920 (year 9) Silver Dollar, Free Usa Ship1982 China Gold Panda 1 Oz.

.999 Coin Ngc Ms-67China Chihli Pei Yang 7 Mace 2 Candareens (dollar) Year 34 (1908) Silver Coin Republic China 10¢ Silver Coin Yuan-shih Kai 1914 Ad Y-326 Very Fine Vf China -empire, Extremely Fine 1911 (year 3) Silver Dollar, Free Usa Shipping China. 1/4 Rupee, Nd (1904-12) Silver Coin China: Copper 5 Cash, Nd (1903-05)China Chihli Pei Yang 7 Mace 2 Candareens (dollar) Year 34 (1908) Silver Coin China.

The coin's year is 1909 in that this was the year the ruler came to the throne. Thank you all again The year-of-reign part of the date is given above the mint-name on these coins.

meaning to say how does one differentiate from date to date?

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