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3 & 4, 1756 between Henry FITZHUGH of Stafford Co., Gent., & John FITZHUGH of same, Gent…land in Overwhartonn Parish bounded to the east on the upper or west side of John PEAKS patent along south line thereof and to the west on the upper most side of WILKINSONS patent on that line which in the said patent is called north easterly including the plantation whereon sd John FITZHUGH now lives to the north…Thomas SUDDON and on the South by Henry FITZHUGH'S land which is now leased to James WAYTON it being part of tract containing 1450 acs. WILKINSON to John MATHEWS his heirs forever & the said 850 acs. 7) KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Richard HUMPHREY of Abingdon (185-) in the County of Berks Black Smith Brother and Heir of Thomas HUMPHRY (186a) late of Potomack in the County of Stafford in Virginia Planter deced have made my Loveinge Friends George MASON of Potomack aforesaid Gentl. & QUEEN MARY 1690 Robert SELWOOD, Major James CORDEROY, Simon HAWKINS, John CLACKSON, William HAWKINS, George DREW, Thos: KING, Bayliffe, Anthony COMBE [sic], Thomas SPARKES, Edward ALLAM, Henry SLUDGER, Mich. Recorded in ye County Court records of Stafford March the 12th 1690/1 KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that wee George MASON & John WAUGH of Stafford County Atturneys Lawfully appointed by Richard HUMPHREY of Abbinton in the County of Berks Blacksmith Brother & Heir of Thomas HUMPHREY late of Stafford County by vertue of a full Letter of Atturney bearinge date the second day of October in the second yeare of or Sovereigne Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary over England 1690 confirme unto Nicholas BATTINGE of Oarston in Parish of Plyimpstock in the County of Devon Marriner all that tract of land in the County of Stafford and on ye East side of the maine runne of Pazbetanzy Creeke commonly called Thomas HUMPHREYS Lande Containinge Five hundred forty and seven acres of land granted by Pattent dated March the 18th 1662 to Thomas HUMPHREY and Thomas TOPPER and continued in ye said Thomas HUMPHREY as Survivor of ye joint purchasers and from said Thomas HUMPHREY descended to the said Richard HUMPHREY his Brother & Heir att law said lande is bounded beginnings at a marked Beach att ye Westermost Corner of ye lande of Gerrard FOUKE and Extendinge up the Southermost branch of Pasbitanzie Crieeke South by West unto a marked white oake standing in Roger PERFETT his line thence E: by S: to a marked red oake standings by the Path that leads from Nasatico to Mr. HARRISON'S Land” Richard JOHNSON “for WHEELER'S heirs,” 125 acs John MARR, 100 acs, “not demanded” William RIDOLE'S orphans, 106 acs, “land unknown” [RIDDLE? Ditto for JUDD & SIMPSON'S patent, and all patents for adjacent property. KENDALL, planter, of Stafford County to Jeremiah MURDOCH, Hanover Parish, King George, consideration 2,622 lbs. 60 and 2 acres of land being in county of Westmoreland, part of 200 A of land formerly lived and inhabited and lease of William HARVEY… Frances WRIGHT and John WRIGHT his son unto Thomas GOFF of King George County deced as by his records of the sd. GOFF dividing this land from Thomas HUGHES, first mentioned station with all houses, orchards… 3) By 1738, although he continued to reside in Stafford Co, VA, Joseph Combs I also owned land in Prince William Co VA, land which he later distributed to his children (See Below).

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Given this information, it is clear that Mason Combs, Sr.

may have married Sarah and had older unrecorded children born in Overwharton Parish prior to 1740.

Also of import when studying the records of the Overwharton Parish Register is understanding that Overwharton Parish was Church of England, and that certain legal” allowances” had been made by England in regard to Catholics residing in Stafford County, including special exemptions and dispensations in regard to payment of tithes to the Church of England, and registration of births, baptisms and marriages in Stafford County's parishes.

A notable example of this is in regard to the Catholic BRENT Family of Stafford County, who appear nowhere in the Overwharton Parish Register. BLACKBURNE kin to Christopher BLACKBURN found in Combs Records of Old Rappa. Was Thomas BOTTS kin to the family of the same name who lived by the Combs of Prince George Joseph Combs, assignee of George BYRN, assignee of _____ JOHNSTON; no warrant, surveyed ; 225 a.

Tobacco with costs of Suit the 10th 8ber next else exe. Hamnet from , Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, Mc Lean, VA, 1987) Before the year was out, Archdale COMBS disappeared from the records of Stafford Co VA, reappearing in Old Rappahannock County, however, although records of him in Stafford are sparse, several items may be of interest in regard to the above: (1) At the time, to sit on a jury, one had to be a property owner in the county; thus, even though we've been unable to locate it, Archdale COMBS must have owned property in Stafford County; (2) His association with William BROWN, pleasant or not, is of interest due to the fact that both his sons, William & John of Richmond, later lived adjacent to BROWNS; and (3) the appearance of John MATTHEWS on the same jury with him. 23, 1706, by John WEST, John PEARSON, William HARRISON, and the said Thos.

LICENSE and had no cause of accon the Court doth order that the said WOOD be nonsuited and pay the sd LICENSE 50 lb. TERRETT, Mar 13, 1718, for 289 acres, part of 4,639 patented Dec.

h/o Sarah MILLION (Robert & Keziah HOLLIDAY Million), whose son, William Combs, Jr. Because several of our early Combs of Stafford Co VA appear “out of thin air,” we are studying with particular intensity, the neighbors, in-laws, fellow churchgoers, and others found in the records with Combs. No entries are found for the period 1723-1735, and only a few for the period 1735-1738, during which time the parish was the sinecure of Rev. Dates in the original Register entries were Gregorian-style; however, Mr.

These early families, to varying degrees, include (but are not limited to) Allerton, Anderson, Barnes, Beach, Brown, Butler, Calmes, Cook, Green, Harrison, Judd, Kendall, Million, Pritchett (Pritchard), Simpson, Stacy and Toulson, Travers, Waller, Wickliffe, Williams (Stafford OB, 1664-1668) Court held 5th Apr 1665. King altered those to Julian (See Calendar for explanation). King, have been restored (by the Combs Research Group) to the original Gregorian- style dating.

CARTER, Nicholas BRENT, Henry BRENT and Maurica LINAH”. ) Note: John COOK, b in Ireland; d ca1732, Stafford VA, had m Elizabeth TRAVERS, d/o Raleigh & Hannah BALL Travers. *), Elizabeth, later m Robert BECKINGHAM of Lancaster Co VA whose 1695 will named his sister and brother-in-law, Elizabeth & John CUMBE.

George ESKRIDGE on this behalf of Jeremiah MURDOCH the letter of attorney from Elizabeth KENDALL to Neil Mc CORMICK… William KENDALL of Stafford County “containing 402 acres situated, lying and being in Stafford County binding on ye land of Coll.

William Kethley, Jr., Iberian Publishing Company, c.1990, and extracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff with permission from John Vogt, author and publisher, t.c. “The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogical Notes,” Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogist, Fredericksburg, VA, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1961; hereinafter I. age 10, number of tithables not entered, 10,035 plants At Col. Born: KENDALL, Jesse, son of James and Mary KENDALL, Born: KENDALL, John, son of William and Jemima KENDALL, Married: KENDALL, William and Jemima KIRK, [sic] Married: KENDALL, George and Margaret KELLY, 5 June 1748.

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