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Ilia: A little bit, a couple of years, but then she said enough. She clang to me and said: "I want to skate so much, so much, please don’t let my dad send me to the ballet school" Katia: Please, tell my dad, that I don’t want to... Parents who do not interfere, Gordeevs are like that. And Katia was always telling me how difficult it all was. After I came back from Europeans, she gave me a hug and a kiss. Malakhov: Tell us, were you the first person to whom Sergei told about his feelings for Katia.

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So, without further ado, I leave you to enjoy this remarkable interview, all 11 pages of it! This was the most beautiful pair in the world of sport - Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Katia: Last year my daughter and I have already skated there. Malakhov: So this feeling of being home, skating at the Red Square is…

The happy fairy tale has ended on November, 20, 1995 in Lake Placid. Allow me to introduce our guests in the studio: World Champion in figure skating - Maria Butyrskaya Sports commentator - Sergei Cheskidov Figure skating coach, European and World medalist in figure skating - Elena Vodorezova World Champion, figure skating coach - Marina Cherkasova Figure skating coach - Alexander Gorelik Figure skating coach - Nina Zhuk Americans are absolutely sure that the United States became a second homeland for Ekaterina Gordeeva. Malakhov: I want to tell you that you are so fragile. Gorelik: Serega would not be able to lift her if she was not so fragile?

I could not believe that my dream at last will come true.

Maybe if it were not for him that would never happen.

To live through such a tragedy you must have had friends and family helping you.

Malakhov: Did Sergei ever complain about his health? Malakhov: With so much attention from the world media it probably was hard to make a decision not to be alone? Katia: Well, I didn’t have to make any kind of a decision not to be alone. I had support from my parents and friends, Dashka was growing up. I was happy to be invited to skating shows even as a singles skater.

Malakhov: Would you like to participate in the "Ice Age" project, where figure skating stars skate with people who are not proficient with skating? Malakhov: When Sergei died, America has gone into mourning.

Of course, winning the Olympics feels like you’ve accomplished something great.

Those US fans that followed Kulik, followed the pair to many competitions. Gorelik: Iliusha, you were a child and your parents came to me without you present.

I do not think that it was such a show as you describe it. Colleagues approach me and ask if I have someone famous around here. I tell them: "Here you go, this is Irina Rodnina." They ask me who is she? They come to me and tell me that the coach is not doing it right, that they are not satisfied and they are leaving. Ilia: Well, they did not coach, but yes, they said that they were leaving. Butyrskaya: Yes and Alexander Gorelik had me expelled.

To me it resembles "Inside the Actor's Studio" in a way that the main subject of the show is the guest and not their promotional engagements. Your first coach Vladimir Zakharov is with us today.

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