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conducting important research on your date, you can only learn so much — especially when the page is private.(Hello, girl in profile picture, are you his sister or ex? You may be able to dive into a website and get some insights to start your conversation, but By the time you get on the phone with a lead, that person has probably had some kind of touchpoint with 15 trillion salespeople just like you.Despite what my well-meaning grandma would tell you — "Do you think I'll die before you get married or nah?

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But a relationship-defining talk doesn't mean you're necessarily compatible.

Sure, while the prospect may have the budget and you have sales goals to hit, to say, "I want to work with your company because you've got a huge budget," is a lot like saying, "I want to date you because you're hot." Whether it's your biological clock or your end-of-month sales goal looming, you may be tempted to settle.

Don't waste your time or energy on a lead that isn't wiling to invest time or energy in you, too.

During the sales process, you're working with a lead when everything is new, she's excited, ambitions are high, and there's nothing you two can't accomplish together. It's your job as a salesperson to set clear, realistic expectations so this relationship moves forward even in a year when your client is out of the honeymoon phase and your client services team is managing the account.

In reality, it isn't lame to be secure enough in yourself to say, "We have something good here. So don't let the "wait four days after your date to call" rule stop you from getting back to the prospect. Don't start drawing hearts on your notebook just yet.

This lead could just see you as a really good resource.Recently, an international lead reached out to me, and due to the substantial time difference, we had a hard time connecting and finally settled on time (because I am a dedicated, valuable saleswoman — and maybe my only plans were to rewatch "Community" and eat pizza alone).We made it work once, but is it reasonable to expect this client's account service pod to do the same regularly? That lead and I probably could have had a great time getting to know each other, but infatuation doesn't conquer all.Ultimately, we decided that it wasn't worth pursuing.His past business success stories include heat-sensitive T-shirts — sold for £8 million when he was in his early twenties — and turning around and then selling most of Pipex for £330 million in 2007 when he was 40.

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