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This type of functionality is implemented, in the frontend, using 3 of RSEvents!

Pro's features: the Events map menu item (a map containing all of the events, pinpointed), the Location module (visible on event detail pages, displays the event's location) and the RSEvents!

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Pro Map module (similar to the The events can now be labeled with tags in order to easily identify them and create listings.

Categories have color codes that can show up in the calendar view and you can create unlimited levels parents to better organize your events.

Validates that the date in a textfield is correctly formatted in YYYY-MM-DD format and the date is NOT in the past. In Breezing Forms go to Configuration = No support per domain or website installation limits! Get it from here We help you to keep your costs under control.

Can be used with a textfield element and/or the Calendar element. If you are a new member and purchased a form building tool from a different form vendor, then you'll get a 25% discount on our 1-Year or Lifetime Subscription plans.

Answer: Even if your subscription expires, you will still be able to use the component, the component's functionality is not affected by your subscription's status.

The only restrictions applied are the fact that you are no longer eligible to extension related downloads( updates, plugins, modules, component downloads) and you will no longer receive customer support for your registered domain(s). You can upgrade your subscription from Single Site to Multi-site just by paying the difference.

® templates this means, by purchasing a Lifetime Subscription you'll have it all covered!

How to receive the discount: Send us a quick email to [email protected] a proof of purchase (for example a paypal receipt), await payment instructions and enjoy your membership!

Also you'll be able to add changes to the whole series of events or only to one of them.

A natural addition is the implementation of calendar views, as event planning or attending implies, among other parameters, starting and ending dates.

You can find various scripting examples on further controlling the Date and Time Picker form element.

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