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A gold watch and pencil was worn on a gold chain or black cord, though only the chain or cord is visible in most photographs.Hair was parted in the middle and drawn back, over the ears in many cases, while younger women might have dangling curls. Men wore various styles of coats that tended to have long, narrow sleeves, fitted high under the arm.Perhaps this section should be called "personal adornment" since it includes hair styles and jewelery in addition to clothing.

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With that lighthearted approach to online dating (and dating in general), we're offering up some fail-safe tips to help make your profile photo stand out from the pack.

Follow our lead and you’ll have ‘em falling hook, line, and sinker.

With almost 600 pages in large 8.5 x 11 format, this tome is not light reading in any sense.

The material Severa presents is far too complex and detailed for me to include it all here, but I'll try to point out some of the more obvious stylistic changes through the years.

You’re likely to do a better job at making you look like, well, you, than a professional makeup artist.

Besides, you're not going to be wearing false eyelashes or airbrushed foundation when you meet your date so you don't want to be accused of false advertising.Studies show that photos with pets are less likely to elicit a response.The same goes for pictures that include other lace flounces under bands of ruching" I tend to get lost in it.With the help of the glossary each word makes sense, but they are so unfamiliar that together they rush together into a jumble.While we ladies go weak in the knees over an adorable pixie cut or a voluptuous topknot, it’s a sad fact of life that men prefer women with long hair (it probably has something to do with cascading locks signifying fertility, blah blah blah, sexual Darwinism).

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