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If you are planning to travel to Madinah or any other city in Saudi Arabia, this airport locator will be a very useful tool.

This page gives complete information about the Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport along with the airport location map, Time Zone, lattitude and longitude, Current time and date, hotels near the airport etc...

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Al-Dwayyan, Department of physics and Astronomy, KSU, and Dr. Mansour Al-Hoshan, KAIN and Department of Chemical Engineering, KSU, starting date: December 2010 , finishing date: April 2013, current status: successfully completed, ID. 5) "Screening of Lipid Hyper-Producers Species in Saudi Arabia Coastal Waters for Biofuel Production from Micro-Aglae (SABA-1)", PI: Prof.

Mohammad Wasi Khan, Aligar Muslim University, India, starting date: December 31, 2010 , finishing date: February 28, 2013, current status: final report submitted on October 2013, ID. 4) "Synthesis of core-shell mesoporous architectures based on anionic surfactants for drug control release and stimulated drug delivery", PI: Dr.

Muslims scholars have disputed the idea that the Birmingham Koran predates Muhammad, with Mustafa Shah of the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies telling the Times: "If anything, the manuscript has consolidated traditional accounts of the Koran's origins."The first known formal text of the Koran was not assembled until 653 A. on the orders of Uthman, the third caliph, or leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad's death.

Before that, however, fragments of the work had circulated through oral tradition, though parts of the work had also been written down on stones, leaves, parchment and bones.

Salman Al-Rokayan, KAIN and Department of Biochemistry, KSU, starting date: February 2012, finishing date: February 2014, current status: submitted and requested for extension, ID. 7) "Self-assembled Nanoparticles as New Smart Contrast Agent for TI MRI in Breast Cancer Early Detection", PI: Prof. Nuno Rodrigues dos Santo, Portugal, starting date: February 2011, finishing date: February 2014, current status: submitted, ID. 8) "Determination Of Genotoxic Potential of Engineered Nanomaterials", PI: Dr. Zainul Arifeen, Umelqura University, Makkah, starting date: November 01, 2012, finishing date: October 30, 2014, current status: ongoing, ID. 12) "Mixed Matrix Dual-Layer Nanocomposite Hollow-Fiber Membranes for Desalination", PI: Dr. Javed Alam, KAIN, KSU, starting date: November 01, 2013, finishing date: October 30, 2015, current status: running, ID. 13) "Photothermally triggered drug delivery from core/shell mesoporous nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy", PI: Dr.

Alhadlaq, Department of physics and Astronomy, KSU, and Dr. Al-Zomia, Biophysics Lab, National Guard Health Affair, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, starting date: August 01, 2011, finishing date: July 31, 2013, current status: Successfully completed, ID. 9) "Design and characterization of nanocomposites multiferroic materials for new generation Read Access Memories (RAMs) devices", PI: Dr. Joselito Labis, KAIN, KSU, starting date: August 2011, finishing date: August 2013, current status: Successfully completed, ID. 10) "Interface magnetization and structure in magnetic oxide nanocomposites", PI: Dr. Joselito Labis, KAIN, KSU, starting date: January 2012, finishing date: January 2014, current status: successfully completed, ID. b) Ongoing projects 11) "Development of Biodegradable Polymeric Electroactive Shape Memory Nanocomposites Actuator for Potential Medical and Industrial Applications", PI: Dr. Raja Mohan, KAIN (before), Amity University, Delhy, India and Dr. Joselito Labis, KAIN, KSU, starting date: started, finishing date: (duration: 24 months), current status: running, ID. c) Approved projects 15) "Towards all-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells using Co(II/III) redox couple-based solid polymer electrolytes", PI: Dr. of Optometry, College of Applied Medical Science, KSU , Co-I(s): Dr. Khalid Mujasam Batoo, KAIN, KSU,starting date: -, finishing date: -, current status: ongoing, ID. c) Approved groups 4) "Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization", PI: Dr.

Out of the 1,785 scrolls discovered during the 18th century excavation, only 585 had been completely unrolled using a 18th century mechanical method while 209 have been partly unrolled.

About 400 have never been unrolled and 450 are so difficult to read that their text remains unknown. The man known to Muslims as The Prophet is thought to have founded Islam sometime after 610 A.

Responses can be sent to me at [email protected] 1-202-612-4327.

Using a powerful X-ray procedure, researchers led by Vito Mocella, a physicist from the National Research Council's Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (CNR-IMM) in Naples, have for the first time been able to read letters hidden inside two carbonized papyri without unrolling them.

This airport locator is a very useful tool for travelers to know where is Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport located and also provide information like hotels near Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport, airlines operating to Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport etc...

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