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It's the New Year so, for many, that means it's time for resolutions! and I feel a bit conflicted saying that because I feel as though I should embrace that same attitude if the roles were reversed but I still regularly groom/remove my own body hair," says Monika, 26.

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When men have higher levels of testosterone, they're more likely to have a higher sex drive, live longer, are more confident and honest, and have more energy and optimism.2. In a study by researcher Michael Siva-Jothy they found that hungry bugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to feed, compared with those on an unshaved arm, as the hair slows down the bug and alerts the victim.

Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist who's been working on the relationship between body hair and intelligence says that hairy chests are more likely to be found amongst doctors, as well as the highly educated, in the general population.3. Hairy men are better able to detect parasites on their body.

I have and keep my body hair in check, so I expect my partner to do the same. As someone who has excessive hair myself, making sure you don’t look like a Neanderthal when you go swimming is a real issue. Don’t mind some hair as long as it is kept neat and tidy.

I love when my wife gets a Hollywood, and her legs feel so soft without hair - I actually pay for her waxing as it’s so important to me! Do you/don’t you shave your chest, how low should you go if you choose to, how do you reach your back and should you enrol your significant other to help you out? You can use wax or shave, just as long as I don’t have to look at it...'10.

I see body hair as a masculine feature, so I am more attracted to someone who has less hair (otherwise this would challenge my manly feature of having body hair).

There is a common cliché of the carpet matching the curtains, but I’d rather she has laminate flooring.'5.

'I prefer girls to be waxed all over - ideally no hair below the eyebrows.

Shallow as it may be, facial hair on a girl can be really off-putting.

Sexy ladies with hairy pussies are eagerly posing exposing their bushes and getting wet of the only idea of being hardcore fucked!

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But whether or not you like hairy guys, it turns out that a lot of women prefer them, especially men with facial hair. Hairy guys can keep you warm at night, won't judge you if you decide to grow your hair out, and are super masculine.

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