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A number of recurring characters appear in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, set in 2008.The characters that appear in Grand Theft Auto IV are relatively diverse and relative to the respective boroughs of Liberty City they are based in, belonging to various gangs and ethnic groups.The player controls Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

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He criticizes his acquaintances for expecting him to have fun amidst his troubled situation.

Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past; this causes him much anger and depression when the issue of finding his betrayers comes up.

He later discovers that two other members of the unit also survived, and concludes that one of those two sold the unit out for money.

Niko vows to track down the culprit, motivated not solely by revenge, but a need for closure and to move on with his own life.

The game also has two possible endings, which is determined by a decision the player makes with the main antagonist towards the conclusion of the storyline: Revenge or Deal.

Each choice affects the missions the player can partake and the fate of some characters. Niko witnessed many atrocities and war crimes, including a number of children lined up against a church wall, each with their throats slit and hands cut off.

Mallorie is Roman's girlfriend for the first part of the storyline (although she secretly sees Vlad Glebov before Niko kills him) before becoming his fiancée.

One of her cousins owns an apartment in Bohan which Niko and Roman seek refuge in after Roman's apartment and taxi depot are set on fire and destroyed.

Niko admits that Roman has indeed found some success in America because of Mallorie, Roman's longtime girlfriend whom he later weds.

During the course of the game, his apartment and business are burned down by Dimiltri Rascalov and the Liberty City Bratva.

A defining moment in the war, for Niko, was when his army unit of fifteen young men from his village were ambushed by the enemy.

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