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96, and today practically all NT interpreters concur. It is clear from his reference to staying at Ephesus until Pentecost (16:8) that he intended to remain there somewhat less than a year when he wrote 1 Corinthians.Paul had received information from several sources concerning the conditions existing in the church at Corinth.When the New Testament was written is a significant issue, as one assembles the overall argument for Christianity.

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Paul’s lengthy stay in Corinth brought him directly in contact with the major monuments of the (Ac ), and the unimpressive synagogue all played a part in the experience of the apostle.

An inscription from the theater names the city official Erastus, probably the friend of Paul mentioned in Ro (see note there).

Some members of the household of Chloe had informed him of the factions that had developed in the church ().

There were three individuals—Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus—who had come to Paul in Ephesus to make some contribution to his ministry (), but whether these were the ones from Chloe’s household we do not know.

Roman historian Colin Hemer has provided powerful evidence that Acts was written between AD 60 and 62. There is no mention in Acts of the crucial event of the fall of Jerusalem in 70. There is no hint of the outbreak of the Jewish War in 66 or of serious deterioration of relations between Romans and Jews before that time. There is no hint of the deterioration of Christian relations with Rome during the Neronian persecution of the late 60s. There is no hint of the death of James at the hands of the Sanhedrin in ca. At that time a new phase of conflict began with Christianity. Acts seems to antedate the arrival of Peter in Rome and implies that Peter and John were alive at the time of the writing. The prominence of 'God-fearers' in the synagogues may point to a pre-70 date, after which there were few Gentile inquiries and converts to Jerusalem. Luke gives insignificant details of the culture of an early, Julio-Claudian period. Areas of controversy described presume that the temple was still standing. Adolf Harnack contended that Paul's prophecy in Acts (cf. If so, the book must have appeared before those events. Christian terminology used in Acts reflects an earlier period.

Harnack points to use of always designates 'the Messiah', and is not a proper name for Jesus. The confident tone of Acts seems unlikely during the Neronian persecutions of Christians and the Jewish War with the Rome during the late 60s. The action ends very early in the 60s, yet the description in Acts 27 and 28 is written with a vivid immediacy.Crowning the Acrocorinth was the temple of Aphrodite, served, according to Strabo, by more than 1,000 pagan priestess-prostitutes.By the time the gospel reached Corinth in the spring of a.d.He had urged believers “not to associate with sexually immoral people” (5:9).Because of misunderstanding he now finds it necessary to clarify his instruction (–11) and to urge immediate and drastic action (5:3–5,13).5; –20), litigation in pagan courts (6:1–8) and abuse of the Lord’s Supper (–34); (2) to correct false teaching concerning the resurrection (ch.

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